Office Buildings

This sector has seen a change in their setup, practically all offices are now being created as open offices areas, where desks and meeting tables are in one open space. Coffee and lunch corners are in the same area, the larger companies have a restaurant or canteen, some may even have gym facilities.

All these areas are being used by the employees on a continual basis.

The cleaning standards are set out by the company itself.

The entrance of office buildings are being used by all employees from all companies, such as elevators, staircases, escalators, security gates and door handles. Toilets and washrooms (in large offices normally shared)

The cleaning standard for the entrance and other mutual used areas for the employees of all companies in the building are set out by the management of the building itself. This could mean that although a company itself maintains a very high cleaning standard in its own office or floor it could be confronted with a lower standard of the general areas of the building and cross contamination could be a realistic fact.

To achieve an overall high hygienic standard in an office building it would mean that all cleaning in the total building would need to follow the same high cleaning standard. As mentioned before, all sectors could benefit from a durable self-disinfecting coating.

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