Partnership agreements

Pretain has a variety of partners, which can be separated into three different groups. Firstly, the cooperation partners, these are the organizations with whom we have set up various tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of our coating, but under their own quality standards and conditions. These cooperation partners not only consist of corporate businesses, but also laboratories & universities. Secondly, we have our OEM partners, who are entitled to use our coating in their own production process and communicate about and the benefits (and our partnership) to their clients. Lastly, we have our business partners, these are our license partners situated in different geographical areas. These partners obtain exclusivity that enables them to buy and sell/use our product within a certain geographical area. These partners have been trained in order to ensure that the we maintain a global standard in our quality levels.

Cooperation Partners

Become a Business Partner

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    Online Meeting

    Once your business plan has been reviewed and accepted, we will plan an online meeting to discuss all the possibilities and other questions which might come up during the conversation(s).

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    NDA & Business Plan

    After your application has been accepted, you will recieve an NDA and a business plan outline. Both need to be completed and signed before returning.

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    Website Form

    The client fills out our online form which can be found on our website. Based on this we evaluate if the client qualifies as a potential partner.

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    Business Launch

    From this point on you are a official partner. Now it’s time to set up your business, start promoting our products and make your first deals. This with our continual support.

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    Final Contract

    After all pre-contract terms have been discussed and agreed upon, we will draw up the final contract, which will be signed by both parties.

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    Based on the online meeting and its parameters we set up a pre-contract in which we state all the matters discussed during these meetings including our standard partnership terms.

Our Network

On the interactive map on the right you can see all the locations of our offices and those of our current partners. There are two types of partners displayed in this map, our business- and OEM partners. The business partners (also know as license partners) are exclusive or non-exclusive distributors of our products within certain industries in a predetermined geographic area. The OEM partners are companies which have the right to use implement our products into their manufacturing process. For more information about each partner, please press the icons displayed on the map.

Become a Partner

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