Who We Are

Pretain Technologies is a company that has its foundation based on a collaboration of several entrepreneurs, all active in different sectors, but with a shared vision: increasing the hygienic standards and reducing contaminations risks within every industry.

In 2015 these entrepreneurs saw the necessity to combine forces in the battle against the ever growing bacterial and viral contamination levels. With Pretain Technologies and subsequently their products they found an attractive value proposition based on durable and more importantly low cost hygienic solutions.

The product line of Pretain Technologies consists of a patented coating solution created by Prof. Dr. Guggenbichler, which can be complemented by our specialized air disinfection- and lighting units, each with their own specific properties to achieve a high antibacterial level, not only in transport, hospitality and sports settings but also in the more specific sectors such as health care and food industry.

With our relatively low cost hygienic solution we are able to assist any organization in any sector in their pursuit to achieve a high quality hygienic standard, drastically lower cleaning costs, preventing loss of sales, but above all enhancing staff, customer and/or patient experience and overal safety.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

In a world with growing global population and urbanisation bacterial and viral contamination will become one of the major threats to human welfare and society. We believe that through proactive contamination control concepts we are able to contribute in a sustainable way to personal health and a safe society avoiding periodic outbreaks of bacterial and viral diseases.

Our Vision

To provide superior hygienic products, services and management systems that support and improve human welfare and enhance healthy living conditions accessible and affordable to all.


Cooperation Partners

Our network of cooperation partners is constantly expanding. Here you can find all the partners and companies, who joined us in the fight against harmful micro-organisms & creating safe environments.

Let’s Work Together

Prevents against harmful
micro-organisms & Maintains
a safe environment