Overview & Process

Pretain’s CleanCoat™ offers 24/7, round-the-clock protection against growth of bacteria for the lifetime of the product. The coating is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 years on all micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds with periodical maintenance as a result of abrasion (half-year reapplying on equipment or other areas where constant abrasion occurs is advisable). It can be applied to any type of surface immediately creating a self-disinfecting environment. Resulting in a safer and more pleasant working space.

We developed a process in which we make sure, that our promise with regard to the effect of our coating is reached and maintained in the future, the process is as follows:

Process In practice
Establishing Targets We establish a clear view on the expectations of the client and discuss the possibilities in reaching these targets.
Preparation With all the targets in mind, we communicate with the client how to prepare, before our coating can be applied.
Implementation Once everything is prepared, we can start with applying our coating and introduce the new cleaning protocols, to maintain the most durable effect.
Application After the coating has been successfully applied, the client returns to their regular cleaning routine, this includes daily cleaning of the coated surfaces. (optional QR Code addition to coated surfaces).
Review Once the process is implemented, we establish with the client if the implementation matches their expectations and finalize the project.

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