Pretain Recirculation Unit (LED/UV/AA)

This unique combination of light and air (re)circulation system has been created to enhance the effectiveness of our CleanCoat™ as well as to create a constant fresh and disinfected air flow. The recirculation unit accommodates the following elements:

  • Full spectrum led lights
  • HEPA and Active Carbon filters
    • Treated with CleanCoat™
  • Inner UV-C lighting

These elements will not only make sure that our coating is as effective as it can be, but will also ensure that up to 300m³ air will be recirculated every hour.

Maximizing Effectiveness

Step 1: The surfaces which have been coated with Pretain’s CleanCoat™ will be activated by any kind of light. However, the stronger the light the more effective the coating will be. With our Pretain recirculation unit (LED/UV/AA) the effectiveness of the coating will be maximized, resulting in quick extermination of any harmful mirco-organims which come in contact with any of the treated surfaces.

Step 2: The air will be circulated through the recirculation unit (LED/UV/AA). Within the unit, CleanCoat™ treated HEPA and Active Carbon filters, will remove dangerous particles from the air. The internal UV-C lighting, will boost our coating and exterminate any remaining particles trying to pass through.

Dimensions & Use Cases

A unit being installed in an elevator

A unit installed in a ceiling in an office