ECHA Registration

Within our sector there are a certain mandatory rules and approvals. In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic there is a rise of companies offering somewhat similar products. Therefore, we want to highlight that any disinfection coating needs to have an ECHA registration. If not, then this coating/company is in violation with European law. ECHA stands for European Chemical Agency and is the regulatory organization, wether a chemical product may be entered and sold on the market. Acquiring an ECHA registration can take multiple years. Therefore, acquiring a registration on the short term is simply impossible. For more information about ECHA and their procedures please visit their website by clicking here.

Our coating is listed on the article 95 list, since 2017 (latest prepared as of 02-oct-2020) as an ECHA registered disinfection coating. CleanCoat™ has 9 dossiers covering Product Types: PT2, PT3, PT4, PT5, PT7, PT11, PT12, PT13 and PT21.

Furthermore, Pretain’s CleanCoathas been tested on bacterial and viral properties via numerous EN standards (10), ASTM standards (2) and as a consequence approved by numerous EU Directives related to the above mentioned product types. All our products are produced using good manufacturing practice and in accordance with regulation (EC 2023/2006, latest amended No. 282/2008 dated 27-mar-2008).

FDA & EPA Regulations

With regards to United States and its territories, our coating is in accordance with the US legislation under the following directives:


For more information about FDA and EPA regulations visit their website by clicking the following links: EPA Website & FDA Website.