With the current covid-19 pandemic still going on, it is imperative that all sport, wellness facilities on leisure and educational basis have to submit to a certain safety level from a cross contamination perspective.

Not only the current Covid-19 outbreak, but more particular any bacterial outbreak will have its effects on the sustainability of the above mentioned (sport) facilities.

The clients expect that the hygiene management of these facilities are in line with the latest EU regulations. Sports centres are particularly used is specific time zones and consequently have in these hours a high number of clients, this means that the hygienic levels are under pressure due to the fact that the cleaning activities are not possible or at least at a lower frequency.

Our anti-bacterial coating can assist in keeping the hygienic standards at all times. In a glance and without being specific, the areas that are in need of additional hygienic attention in those peak hours are:

  • Wet areas
  • Toilet facilities
  • Locker rooms
  • Training devices

With our Hygienic management system in place, we assist the facilities with their daily assessments via surface swaps, using the latest technology (clean trace).

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