The Hospitality sector such as hotels and cruise liners as an example, have one thing in common, on any given moment a large number of clients or staff members will reside in their premises. More importantly in many cases direct contact between staff and clients will occur in restaurants, sport facilities and other areas where clients are being served. These areas are subject to another cleaning management standard in comparison with for example kitchen facilities. From a cross contamination perspective objects such as chairs, bannisters, door handles, food trays etc. to name a few, are showing a high risk level of cross contamination.

Bacteria will readily grow on unprotected surfaces, and even with regular cleaning microbes can be spread across a room from transmission by hands, contaminated equipment or dispersed through the air. Disinfectant sprays and wipes are effective at removing bacteria from a contaminated surface, however these products will only be effective for around two hours. After this time has lapsed, any new bacteria landing on the surface will continue to grow. The latest research information shows us that numerous bacteria can survive on any surface for more than 72 hours (3 days)

Frequent cleaning and sanitation is key to producing a high quality level of protection for both client and staff, when it fails the financial loss and reputation of a business can be significantly damaged. Cleaning and sanitation ultimately relies upon people (staff efficiency), as well as chemical usage this comes with an ever increasing cost.

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