Pretain Light Unit (LED/UV/ION)

Pretain Technologies has created a specialized light panel, which accompanies Pretain’s CleanCoat™. The light panel accommodates three different elements:

  • Full spectrum led lights
  • Ionization plugs
  • UV-C or UV-A lamp

These three elements combined with our specialized coating result in a maximum sterilization of the environment, making it more safe and comfortable for everyone.

Build-in Ionization Plugs

All our lights will have 4 build-in ionizations plugs. These plugs are really tiny and do not block any of the functionality of the full spectrum led lights. These plugs create ion molecules at a rate of 50.000 – 100.000 per cm³ per second. All these ion molecules have received a negative electric charge, which gives them the property of attracting dust particles or aerosols. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses use these dust particles or aerosols as a way of transportation. As a result of this attracting property, these dust particles or aerosols become too heavy to float in the air, as a consequence they land on the with CleanCoat™ treated surfaces. Once the dust particles or aerosols come in contact with the treated surface, the possible dangerous micro-organisms on these dust particles or aerosols carried will be exterminated. So all in all, this will result in a much safer indoor environment, where all possible sources of infection, both on surfaces as well as in the air, will be exterminated.

Build-in UV-C Lamp

Our light panels feature a UV-C lamp right in the middle of the panel. This UV-C lamp functions both as a boost for our CleanCoat™ as well as stand alone disinfection. The UV-C lamp will only be active when there are no more people within the the area. This is due to the fact that too much UV-C exposure could lead to skin and eye damage. The UV-C lamp can be controlled:

  • By hand via a remote control
  • By a a pre set lighting system, which for example activates all the UV-C lamps after midnight for 2 hours.

All the UV-C lamps use intelligent radar sensors so the it will be turned off immediately once it detects motion. The lamps will also be programmed to a door sensor at the same time, so that there is a double protection to ensure all lights will be off once someone before someone could get in contact with it.

The UV-C lamp by itself kills 99.99% of all micro-organisms and has been approved by both the EC (EU) and the URL (USA). One single lamp can cover an area up to 30m² and will last around 10.000 hours.

Different sizes and use cases