The transport sector has quite some similarities with the hospitality sector. In most countries the inhabitants of those countries rely on the infra structure and quality of trains, metro, buses and other forms of public transport to commute to and from work.

This means that in rush hours a multitude of travellers will commute in these forms of transport and subsequently on platforms. The density of people means less control from a hygienic perspective, even when a 24/7 cleaning service is implaced, the traveller is confronted with less appropriate hygienic standards, as frequently seen in public toilets, waiting cabins, ticket machines and food stands, to name just a few.

Airports are also seen as an end destination and most people are traveling in via the public transport services. Airports have one specific point of access where all travellers need to pass through, that being the security check points, so conveyor belts, luggage carts, luggage trays, elevators, escalators these are all subject to cross contamination. Research shows us that the numbers of travellers on a daily basis have a high impact on hygienic standards in combination with the level of sanitation. It is an interesting detail to note that all security staff members are wearing surgical gloves to protect them from cross contamination.

As frequent cleaning and sanitation is key to producing a high quality of protection the above mentioned items should be subject to applying a durable disinfective coating with maximum longevity.

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