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Back in 2015 a group of entrepreneurs came together to talk business. During this conversation new ideas where exchanged and soon one thing led to another. Two of these entrepreneurs had an idea which complemented each other, so they thought of a way to combine these ideas into one concept. This concept consisted of combining a self-sanitizing coating, specialized (disinfecting) lighting and ionization.

After years of research they finally found the right self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating and PretainCoat™ was born. The technology behind PretainCoat™ coating has been patented making it a unique product within the disinfection industry. This in combination with either our air disinfection- or specialized lighting units (with build in ionization and UV-C) will assist our clients in Preventing against harmful micro-organisms and Maintaining a safe environment.

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PretainCoat™ is based on a patented technology that is specifically engineered to fight harmful microbes (micro-organisms) while lasting several years. Surfaces become self-sanitizing (disinfecting) once PretainCoat™ has been…


Ablatum ION

With the addition of the Ablatum ION, Pretain Technologies is able to offer a complete package for both surface and air disinfection, which is straightforward and easy to implement. A one time application of PretainCoat™ and the installation of the required…



In collaboration with Jibe Lightning Pretain Technologies has created a specialized light panel, which accompanies PretainCoat™ with both UV-C disinfection as well as negative ionization. The light panel accommodates three different…


A Complementing Product Range

For a maximum reduction of the contamination risks within your staffs and/or clients environment.

The combination of both PretainCoat™ and our additional Air Disinfection- and Lighting Units, will result in the most achievable ‘safe’ environments. In such an environment the possibility of getting in contact with any harmful micro-organism (such as bacteria and viruses) either via air or surfaces will be drastically lowered. As a consequence, the contaminations risks within a fully treated environment will be lowered to a minimum. The application of the full Pretain package will therefore result in the safest environmental conditions possible, without having to take any other additional precautions, such as daily disinfection off the surfaces. Our unique patented coating solution and other supplementary products are going to assist you and your clients in the new normal.

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