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PretainCoat™, our patented self-sanitizing coating technology and our complementary air disinfection units & lighting panels.Pretain Technologies offers a durable self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating solution against bacteria & viruses (including Coronavirus). PretainCoat™ eliminates 99,9% up to 99,999% of all micro-organisms within minutes/hours. Once applied PretainCoat™ creates an environment with a drastically lowered contamination risk, especially when combined with either the Ablatum ION or the PT-Terminare for additional air disinfection. PretainCoat™ is the only patented self-sanitizing coating solution with the by European Law required ECHA registration and by US law required EPA & FDA registrations.

  • Specialized Coating

    We use a patented coating technology which can be used in any industry.

  • 99.999% Effectiveness

    PretainCoat™ will eradicate 3 log 10 (99,9%) up to 5 log 10 (99.999%) of all micro-organisms within minutes/hours.

  • Durable Protection

    Once applied, PretainCoat™ its effectiveness will last up to 10 years.

  • Scientifically Tested

    PretainCoat™ has been tested and validated by various institutes.

  • Patented Technology

    The technology behind PretainCoat™
    is protected by multiple patents.

  • ECHA & EPA Registered

    PretainCoat™ is both ECHA (Europe)
    and EPA (United States) registered.

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