A cooperation with “Minute Office”

September 2021; Cooperation with Minute Office, in order to provide safe and clean products to their clients.

Pretain Technologies has cooperated with Minute Office in order to provide our self-disinfecting coating to their (portable) office solutions. With the application of PretainCoat™, they do not only ensure their clients a higher level of cleanliness, but more importantly a lowered contamination risk, due to the self-disinfecting property of our coating. PretainCoat™ ensures quick extermination (within minutes) off all micro-organisms which come in contact with the coated surface.

Together Pretain Technologies and Minute Office offer a new way of working using Minutes Office’s their portable office solutions, which are not only very convenient but also very safe to use!

For more information about Minute Office and their products, visit their website at: https://www.minuteoffice.nl/

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