Piazza Sports – Houten, The Netherlands

September 2020; Pretain’s T-Coat™ application & Pretain’s light- and airco solution implemented at Piazza Sports.

We are glad to have finished our first project within the sports sector. Piazza Sports is a premium gym and therefore wants the best for both their clients and staff. In order to minimize to spread of any kind of harmful micro-organisms (including Covid-19) within the gym, Piazza Sports decided to implement the whole Pretain Solution. This includes both the application of Pretain’s T-Coat™ as well as the installation of Pretain’s specialized UV-C light strips. The implementation of the Pretain Solution within Piazza Sports consisted of the following 2 steps:

Firstly, all surfaces to which contact occurs have been coated with Pretain’s T-Coat™, this includes gym devices, weights, lockers, chairs, front desks etc. Our unique coating will ensure that all the coated surfaces will deactivate every type of micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) within minutes after contact. All coated surfaces have thus become self-disinfecting, which minimizes the chance of pathogens or other bacteria spreading via these surfaces.

Secondly, all the insides of the ventilation and airco units have been coated with Pretain’s T-Coat™, and are going to be equipped with Pretain’s specialized UV-C light strips. The combination of our self-disinfecting coating- and UV-C light strips will ensure a constant flow of fresh air throughout the building. The UV-C has a triple effect as the LED lights will make sure the coating stays active 24/7, the UV will give the coating a boost and the UV-C will also eliminate micro-organisms by itself. Resulting in a maximum reduction of possibly dangerous micro-organisms passing through the ventilation and airco units.

These 2 steps guarantee maximum safety throughout the whole building for both customers and staff. In addition, the coating inside the ventilation channels in combination with the specialized lighting will not only eliminate any harmful micro-organism but will also generate a general flow of fresh air. Whereby, it will not only create a safer, but also a more pleasant environment

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