Partnership with “Cell4Pharma” - Healthcare

November 2020; Cell4Pharma becomes an official Pretain Business Partner (The Netherlands & United Kingdom – Healthcare)

We are proud to announce our partnership with Cell4Pharma, a Dutch biotechnology company that makes the best tools and conditions available to researchers and caregivers in order to deliver their best work to their patients.

Cell4Pharma is currently engaging with University medical centres in The Netherlands to perform a “proof of concept” study to demonstrate a potential significant reduction of bacterial and viral contamination within surgical wards and ICU’s. Next to that Cell4Pharma also gained the exclusive right to distribute and apply PretainCoat™ and our other complementary products within the Healthcare segment, within the Netherlands.

For the above mentioned study, our patented PretainCoat™ technology will be utilized, together with our other complementary air disinfection-, and lighting units. For this study, our coating will be applied to all touchable surface within the operating theatres and ICU’s. Additionally, our air disinfection and/or lighting units will also be installed in these operating theatres and ICU’s in order to maximize disinfection and prevent contamination within the space as much as possible.

Previous in-vitro studies and in-vivo studies have demonstrated that this unique combination resulted in maximum sterilization of both surfaces and air-systems within the designated space. Cell4Pharma is now ready to make the next steps of scientific proof of this unique contamination prevention system.

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