Brandwijk – Zaltbommel, The Netherlands

October 2020; Application of Pretain’s T-Coat™ & installation of specialized UV-C light strips in all ventilation and air conditioning units at Brandwijk for maximum air safety.

Brandwijk is a company focussed on creating Christmas packages and promotional gifts for companies and individuals. As Christmas is approaching, the number of orders are growing and more people are needed within their facilities. In order to maintain a safe environment for their staff and clients, Brandwijk decided to implement the Pretain solution for ventilation and air conditioning units. The implementation process consisted of 2 steps:

At first all the units needed to be thoroughly cleaned, before we were able to start applying our coating. This cleaning is more than just a regular cleaning, because clean air starts with clean systems. Once we finished our thorough cleaning, we disinfect the unit before we start applying our self-disinfecting coating to the insides of the ventilation and air conditioning units.

After the application of our coating we start installing the UV-C lights strips inside every one of the ventilation and airco units. These UV-C light strips have a triple functionality, as they make sure that the coating stays active due to the LED lights, they boost the coating through the UV-C lighting and the UV-C lighting eliminates micro-organisms by itself.

The combination of our self-disinfecting coating and specialized UV-C lighting strips result in maximum elimination of all particles (aerosols) passing through the ventilation and airco units. Therefore, Brandwijk their staff and clients can feel safe and comfortable again, as the outgoing airflows are maximum disinfected.

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