LED Light Panel

In collaboration with Jibe Lightning Pretain Technologies has created a specialized light panel, which accompanies PretainCoat™ with both UV-C disinfection as well as negative ionization. The light panel accommodates three different elements:

  • Full spectrum LED lighting
  • Build-in Ionization plugs
  • Remote controlled UV-C lamp

These elements from the PT-Terminare combined with our patented PretainCoat™ coating technology result in maximum contamination prevention, making the environment not only more safe, but also more comfortable for both staff and clients.

LED Lamp

UV-C Lamp

Build-in Ionization Plugs

What makes our lamp unique are the 4 build-in ionizations plugs that have been added. These plugs are really tiny and do not block any of the functionality of the full spectrum LED lights. These plugs create ion molecules at a rate of 50.000 – 100.000 per cm³ per second. All these ion molecules have received a negative electric charge, which gives them the property of attracting dust particles or aerosols. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses use these dust particles or aerosols as a way of transportation. As a result of this attracting property, these dust particles or aerosols become too heavy to float in the air, as a consequence they land on the with PretainCoat™ treated surfaces. Once the dust particles or aerosols come in contact with the treated surface, the possible dangerous micro-organisms on these dust particles or aerosols carried will be exterminated. So all in all, this will result in a much safer indoor environment, where all possible sources of infection, both on surfaces as well as in the air, will be exterminated.

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