Pivot Park – Oss, The Netherlands

March 2020; Pretain’s T-Coat™ for corona virus contamination prevention.

We are fighting the spread of the viruses together. In our first project we applied our nano-coating with titanium dioxide on on high-contact surfaces in public areas. This includes taps in toilet areas, door handles, etc. in all Pivot Park buildings. Our T-Coat™ reacts with water under the influence of UV light, whereby the separated atoms penetrate cells of micro-organisms and are deactivated on a non-toxic way. This method has proven to be more effective than daily disinfection and also remains active for a year. Through this prevention of contamination measurement we can reduce the spread of the corona virus in public areas at the Pivot Park.

We are happy to have completed are first project, with a very satisfied client. We are looking forward to continue our work together with Pivot Park.

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