Ablatum ION
Air Disinfection

With the addition of the Ablatum ION, Pretain Technologies is able to offer a complete package for both surface and air disinfection, which is straightforward and easy to implement. A one time application of PretainCoat™ and the installation of the required amount Ablatum IONs and you are set for at least 3 years. The Ablatum ION has the following specifications:

  • Disinfection of airborne pathogens
    by means of Bi-polar ionization

    • 200 million bi-polar ions per cm³
  • Suitable for 40m³ – 80m³ room sizes
  • Speed adjustable ion distribution fan
  • Optional wall/ceiling mounted adapter

The Ablatum ION is the perfect addition to our PretainCoat™ technology, in order to create an environment with maximum contamination prevention of both surfaces as well as the air.

Maximizing Effectiveness

Step 1

The surfaces or objects which have been coated with PretainCoat™ will start self-sanitizing (disinfecting) from the moment that PretainCoat™ has been applied to that surface or object. This is due to the fact that PretainCoat™ is activated by ambient air, which we breathe and can be found everywhere around us. This self-sanitization effect on these coated surfaces or objects results in an extraordinary fast eradication of micro-organisms. Within 10 minutes 99,999% of all micro-organisms will have been eliminated. Normally, most micro-organisms such as coronavirus could easily survive 2 to 4 days on different types of surfaces. With PretainCoat™ they will not only be eliminated within minutes, but will also be withhold from creating any new cells in order to build any sort of resistance against PretainCoat™. Therefore, the contamination risks which could be associated with these coated surfaces will be drastically lowered.

Additionally, the aerosols which land on a coated surfaces will also be eliminated. In order to complement the reduction of dangerous aerosols floating through the air we suggest the installing the right amount of Ablatum ION devices (step 2).

Step 2

The Ablatum ION utilizes the same technology as the earths own defense mechanism against air pollution by extracting harmful particles and viruses from the air and dissolving them. Simply explained, the Ablatum ION produces 200 million of Bi-Polar ions (positive and negative) per cm³. These ions bond on the surface of of airborne viruses and other substances and change into OH radicals. With their extremely strong oxidizing power, the OH radicals quickly extract hydrogen (H) from the protein on the surface of viruses and other substances, thus decomposing the protein and suppressing activity. Furthermore, the OH radical bonds with the removed hydrogen atom (H) to immediately form water (H2O), which is returned to the air. All in all, the Ablatum ION is the ideal complementary product, which is easy to install and quick to install and gives you that extra push in a higher level of contamination prevention.

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