This sector has seen a change in their setup, practically all offices are now being created as open offices areas, where desks and meeting tables are in one open space. Coffee and lunch corners are in the same area, the larger companies have a restaurant or canteen, some may even have gym facilities. All these areas are being used by the employees on a continual basis. The cleaning standards are mostly set out by the company itself, these mainly consist of a daily cleaning routine after working hours. This cleaning standard might seem okay to most employees, as everything is cleaned daily. However, cleaning/disinfecting mostly does not happen during the day itself, when everyone is moving around the office and touching all kinds of surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, office materials, the coffee machine, etc.

All these frequently touched surfaces start to become a source of microbial growth, which only increases during the day as most micro-organisms can easily survive 48 hours on most surfaces. This could result in a much higher contamination risk, especially when multiple people from different companies make use of the same amenities, such as elevators, staircases, security gates and toilets/washrooms. Moreover, if these shared amenities are in place, then the cleaning standards set for these amenities are mostly set out by the management of the building. This could mean that although a company itself maintains a very high cleaning standard in its own office or floor it could be confronted with a lower standard of the general areas of the building and cross contamination could be a realistic fact.

To achieve an overall high hygienic standard in an office building it would mean that all cleaning in the total building would need to follow the same high cleaning standard. However, as mentioned before this would mean that all the high risk/frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned multiple times a day, preferably every time after it has been touched by someone. Nonetheless, having a cleaning crew which cleans multiple times a day or giving employees their own cleaning supplies to do so would not really be feasible neither efficient.

In order to overcome such problems we introduce PretainCoatâ„¢, our self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating solution. This highly durable and cost efficient solution, will take away all the above mentioned concerns. A daily cleaning after working hours will be more than enough to maintain a high hygienic, while our revolutionary coating does the rest. Our coating makes sure that 99,9% up to 99,999% of all harmful micro-organisms will be eliminated within minutes/hours. So, you don’t have to worry anymore about first cleaning the coffee machine after it just had been used by one of your colleagues. We do recommend not only coating high risk surfaces, but every surface which will be touched multiple times a day. For the reason that every minor reduction in the percentage of people on sick-leave, could make a major difference in costs when compared to the one time application of our coating, which will last and stay effective up to 10 years.

Besides the application of our self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating to reduce the contamination risks within the offices, we also recommend the installation of both the Ablatum ION and the PT-Terminare within the offices and throughout the building. It all depends on wether you would like to swap your current lighting panels, with new, dimmable LED lighting panels or that you would prefer to keep the current lighting and just install the air disinfection boxes. Both products, are complementary to our coating as they reduce the amount of aerosols floating in the air via bi-polar or negative ionization and with that also reduce the contamination risk.